General Patient Information

New referral

To see one of our specialists, you will need a current referral from your General Practitioner (Family Doctor) or another Medical Specialist.

Please bring:

  • referral letter from your GP, family doctor or other doctor
  • relevant/current x-rays and scans
  • blood test results
  • list of all current medications and allergies
  • Medicare card, Veteran Affairs card and/or pension card
  • private health insurance details (if applicable)


Our reception staff can provide an estimate of the consultation fee at the time of booking to see a particular specialist. We ask that your account be settled at the time of your appointment. Payment options include VISA, MasterCard, EFTPOS, cheque or cash. You will be able to claim at least part of the consultation fee from Medicare provided you have a valid referral and Medicare card.

The fee structure for endoscopic and surgical procedures will depend on the particular specialist, nature of the procedure and your private health insurance status. Your specialist will be able to discuss this in detail with you during the consultation.

Rescheduling an appointment

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact Macquarie GI on (02) 9812 3880 as soon as possible. Occasionally we may need to cancel and reschedule your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. If so, we will contact you and reschedule the appointment.